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Your Second Act of Service Starts Here.

Like you, we’ve worn the badges, patches and scars.

Now we’re guiding you and other U.S. Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responders toward your next mission as leaders in business.

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Our Mission

Career Consulting By Heroes, For Heroes.

Franchising for Heroes’ Two-Fold Mission:

  • We strive to help our brothers and sisters who heeded the call with education, guidance, awareness, and a path forward in franchise ownership.

  • We amplify the visibility of our Championed Causes that seek to shine a light upon the darkness that affects the lives of our heroes and their families.

When you’re ready, let’s talk about your path after service.

Why Us

We’ve Been Where You Are.

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Franchising doesn’t come up in roll call, out in the field, in patrol vehicles or fire engines. Often, that means when people like us are ready to hang up the uniform and make their way in the world of business, they don’t know where to start, what questions to ask or even what’s possible. That’s where Franchising for Heroes comes in.

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Martin Parker

Police Officer to Franchisee


Christopher Harvey

Navy Veteran to Franchisee


Charles Rankin

Air Force Veteran to Franchisee


What’s In Your Way?

I’m Not Sure Business is the Right Choice for Me

We know! That’s why we’re here. We provide the education and guidance you need to make an informed decision.

I Don’t Know How to
Run a Business

We do—and if we don’t, we have the resources, community and connections to get you the training you need.

I’ve Never Worked Outside of Service

Thousands have been in your shoes and found success in franchising. You have the adaptable skills and experience to help you do it, too.

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You Can Do It On Your Own. But You Don’t Have To.

We’re Not Salespeople

You’re not a dollar sign. You’re one of us. We’ll work with you to find the path that works for you, not funnel you into some job to line our pockets.

We Have the Experience

The founding members of Franchising for Heroes have already transitioned from uniformed service to the world of franchise business. We want to help more people like us.

We Work for You

As fellow Veterans, former law enforcement and first responders, we’re completely dedicated to being the companion you need as you navigate your path to business ownership.

We're Selective

We work with brands who prioritize Veterans and First Responders. Our goal is 25% ownership and employment by the brands we work with.

Hear From A Fellow Veteran.

Martin Parker

“I knew nothing about franchising until I connected with a friend who guided and educated me, that is what we want to do for our heroes here at Franchising for Heroes.”

Martin Parker

Franchise Development, Co-Creator of Franchising for Heroes, Former Police Officer

Charles Rankin

“I wanted to do something that allowed me to continue to serve, but on my own terms.”

Charles Rankin

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchisee. Co-Creator of Franchising for Heroes, Veteran and Former FBI

Christopher Harvey

“Franchising for Heroes is a team of people from many different backgrounds that can help you be successful in your second act.”

Chris Harvey

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchisee, Co-Creator of Franchising for Heroes, Navy Veteran

Why You

Why Should Heroes Franchise?

A franchise is a business system. You’re given access to a brand and product in exchange for an investment and ongoing royalty fees. We’ll talk a lot more about this as we get to know each other but here’s the quick and dirty version of why it works so well for people like us:

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    You know how to take command and think on your feet.

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    You know how to thrive within an established system.

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    You know how to adapt yourself and your team to any situation.

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    You know how to get shit done. Period.

Reach Out To Us If This Sounds Like You.

We work exclusively with current and former Military, Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Emergency Service personnel. Beyond that, schedule a call with us if:

You want to learn about other people like you.

You’re retiring from service and wondering what’s next.

You have a dream to own a business.

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Championed Causes

Help Us Lift Up Others Like Us.

Mental Health Services for Uniformed Personnel

Research suggests that first responders have higher risks for mental health conditions, and experience barriers to accessing and utilizing mental health treatment including social stigma and lack of knowledge. Let’s help our people feel comfortable and capable to get the help they need.

Veteran & First Responder Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among members of the U.S. Military. Emergency first responders are up to 10 times more likely to attempt suicide than the general population. With you, we want to work to raise awareness and prevent this disease from spreading.

Support for Families Who’ve Lost Their Hero

With Military and emergency service mental health and suicide increasing in prevalence, the Department of Defense has begun to roll out initiatives aimed at awareness and prevention, and has increased support to military families. Help us keep that support and awareness coming.

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Here’s The Plan.

Step 1. Send Us Some Info

Fill out the form and/or schedule a call with us below.

Step 2. Jump On a Call

We’ll talk for a bit to learn more about each other and your goals.

Step 3. Start Your Path

We’ll pair you with a business expert who best understands your experience.

Step 4. Champion Our Causes

Become a part of a network of people who strive to erase stigmas and bring awareness.

We’re Ready for Action. Are You?

Complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you.


Schedule a call at a time that works best for you.


Shoot us an email at Arrow

You Might Be Wondering.

Do you sell franchises?

No. We don’t sell anything. We’re an organization designed to help former military, law enforcement, public safety and emergency personnel find a path to business ownership after service.

Do you work with specific brands?

Yes and no. We’re constantly growing our connections and partnerships with specific franchise brands, but our job isn’t to push you toward those brands. Instead, we want to help you find an opportunity that works best for you.

Do you work with EMTs and medical professionals, too?

Hell yeah.

Where are you located?

We work together digitally from all over the country. Wherever you live, we can help you find your path forward in business.